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The Ground Shots Podcast

Dec 19, 2022

Susan Tweit is a plant biologist with a calling to restore nature and our connection with the community of the land especially close to home. Plants are her people, as she says, fascinated by the myriad ways they weave the world’s living communities, forming the green tapestry that covers this planet. Susan began her...

Oct 31, 2022

Episode #70 of the Ground Shots Podcast is a conversation with Sarah Galvin of the House of Yore who was a past guest on the podcast. 

direct link to episode on our website

Listen to Episode #54: Sarah Galvin of House of Yore on the need for madness and chaos medicine in our culture here. You might want to pop over and...

Sep 29, 2022

Episode #69 of the Ground Shots Podcast was recorded in southern Oregon this past August among old Juniper trees tucked just below a special Tableland mesa, with Nikki Hill of Walking Roots, and Sigh Moon assisting in the conversation.

Link to our website where you can donate to the podcast, and find the blog post on...

Jun 12, 2022

Episode #68 of the podcast is a conversation with Adam Larue of Sharpening Stone Gathering, out of Grants Pass, Oregon.

visit our blog post on the episode to see a few photos of the land where we interviewed:

Mar 20, 2022

Direct link to episode with extra photos and Ted's poetry:


Ted studied History and Anthropology at Christopher Newport University, got a Master’s in Teaching, went on the road with the Momentary Prophets band, and then went to study with Alderleaf Wilderness...