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The Ground Shots Podcast

May 14, 2023

Hey ya’ll,

This is a quick and dirty solo podcast episode where I update you on some of the things I’m doing this summer including offering in-person ecology immersions in western Colorado on the Grand Mesa.

I give a little overview of some of what we did in my last immersion that was 4 days, focused on riparian...

Apr 3, 2023

read the entirety of the show notes for this episode here.

Episode #73 of the Ground Shots Podcast is a conversation with Alex Zubia (XeF) out of Fresno, California.

Alex Zubia, who goes by “Xef” is a Chef by trade. Born and raised in Fresno, CA (yokuts Land). Alex attended The California Culinary Academy in San...

Mar 10, 2023

Episode #73 is a solo episode with Kelly Moody, Ground Shots Podcast regular host.

I get into a slew of things on this episode, reflecting on camping near the Mexican border and the implication of borders, water, fire and ecological disturbance, summer field immersion programs I’m doing in Western Colorado this season...

Jan 24, 2023

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Episode 72 of the Ground Shots Podcast is with Lisa Ganora, herbalist and plant chemist, out of Paonia, Colorado.

Lisa and I got together at her Elderberry’s Farm spot, on the edges of Paonia,...