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The Ground Shots Podcast

Sep 26, 2019

Hey ya’ll, Episode #26 of the Ground Shots Podcast is a mixtape of work composed by the musician and ecologist Lisa Schonberg influenced by soundscapes from the land where she does scientific research. Lisa is featured in conversation in Episode #25 of the podcast. Listen to our conversation about Lisa’s music and research in #25, and then listen to this mixtape to enjoy Lisa’s work. Lisa plays with Secret Drum Band, a collaborative music project called Pattern Ecology, and UAU. More info and artwork can be found on our website:



  1. boulders (UAU)

  2. vons tundra (From Secret Drum Band’s ‘Dynamic’s’ album)

  3. Surface of Abyss at Ducke (From UAU’s Music for percussion // Soundscapes and ant acoustics of the Brazilian Amazon)

  4. dadada (From Secret Drum Band’s ‘Dynamic’s’ album)

  5. multispecies (Ants) with percussion (From UAU’s Music for percussion // Soundscapes and ant acoustics of the Brazilian Amazon)

  6. kīpukapuaulu (From Secret Drum Band’s ‘Dynamic’s’ album)

  7. polihale-kilauea-south point (From Secret Drum Band’s ‘Dynamic’s’ album)





Lab Verde Brazil : an art immersion program in the Amazon:

Secret Drum Band:

Lisa's website that features info on ATTA, the Hylaeus Project, Pattern Ecology and more:

HJ Andrews Experimental Forest

Signal Fire

Digital Naturalism Conference we mention in the episode:

@secret drum band :





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Theme music: 'Sweat and Splinters' by Mother Marrow

Produced by: Opia Creative