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The Ground Shots Podcast

Apr 15, 2019

Episode 14 of the Ground Shots Podcast.


This episode of the podcast features a conversation with radical visual artist and printmaker Aimee Joyaux who runs Cornmeal Press in Petersburg, Virginia. We recorded this conversation when I visited Aimee in October 2018, before doing a multi-week printmaking residency in her studios. I met Aimee while doing an immersive eight-week artist book, printmaking and papermaking workshop at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina a few springs ago.




In this conversation with Aimee, we talk about


how Aimee and her partner Alain came across the building they renovated in Petersburg by hand using materials they found at auctions, demo sites and junk sales

a little history of Petersburg, Virginia as one of the oldest free black settlements in the so-called U.S. and how it fell into extreme economic decline historically. (I talk more about this as well as discuss the history of native settlements here in episodes #5 with Ryan Pierce and #6 with Tilke Elkins)

how Aimee uses her art practice to react to and process racism and privilege in the south

navigating race politics in Virginia

a critique of capitalism

Aimee's various art projects including 'City Lots,' 'The Smile Project,' and 'The Box Project' 

how art is under-appreciated in American culture

using your best materials now because life is short and fleeting

Aimee's thoughts on copying vs. inspiration in art




Aimee's website with photos of and writings on her various projects we discuss:

Aimee's instagram:

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Theme music: 'Sweat and Splinters' by Mother Marrow

Additional music: 'Ghost Waltz' from On Oak and Pine, released October 18, 2007 
Christopher Buckingham - Guitars 
Brenna Sahatjian - Cello

Produced by: Opia Creative