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The Ground Shots Podcast

Jan 10, 2019


 Episode nine of the Ground Shots Podcast.



A conversation with artist and designer Christiana Hedlund on her art and craft practice, the feeling of color, place informed design, her Signal Fire experience, and more.



 We talk about: 



Christiana’s study of painting and craft in the Pacific Northwest, the Southwest, France and Mexico.

Colors and how they affect people differently and often reflect something about the land around us or perhaps our current social and political climate.

Christiana’s experiences as a two time alumni of Signal Fire’s Wide Open Studios summer immersion trips in the wilds of the West.

The importance of craft and making things we use in our everyday life.

Making and curating spaces that feel good to be in and the importance of the intersection of art and shelter.






Christiana on Instagram: @christianahedlund

Christiana’s website and store:

Oregon College of Art and Craft :

Signal Fire:

Studio Escalier :

The Ryder Studio :




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