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The Ground Shots Podcast

Dec 6, 2018

Episode eight of the Ground Shots Podcast.



A conversation with Naturopathic doctor and herbalist Mario Tarasco on working with low-income & at-risk populations as a Naturopathic doctor, taking the harm reduction and non-shaming approach to working with addiction, the current opiate crisis in the U.S., herbal apprenticeships and more.




We talk about:


How Oregon's laws make it easier than in other states for Naturopathic doctors to provide care for low-income and at-risk populations like trans youth, migrant workers, and more.


Navigating how Naturopathic Medicine can be inaccessible and different techniques for working with people where they are culturally, financially, physically, etc.


Mario's experiences working at the Rainbow gathering's first aid station while apprenticing for herbalists Corey-Pine Shane of the Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine and Sevensong of the Northeast School of Herbal Medicine and how these experiences in the field influenced the trajectory of his work.


Taking the harm-reduction approach to providing care for folks with addiction and the importance of non-shaming and meeting people where they are and where they want to be with their health.



Mario on Instagram: @amtarasco

Mario's email if you have any questions:

Meet the Residents page on National University of Naturopathic Medicine's website featuring Mario and other current residents





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