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The Ground Shots Podcast

Jun 29, 2019

Episode #20 of the Ground Shots Podcast.

This episode of the Ground Shots Podcast was recorded at the Kaua'i Food Forest on a volunteer day one Saturday in May 2019. Freddie Mango Roots is one person in the core volunteer collective that tends the food forest on the island. He utilizes Korean Natural Farming techniques at the food forest as well as at his own gardens at home. We spend some time together going into Freddie's personal story, and venture into philosophy about our culture and the choices we make to work with the earth. We end the conversation with a recorded plant walk through the Kaua'i Food Forest.


In this conversation we also talk about:

Freddie's stories of living in the wilderness for many years on the island of Kaua'i including a story about a helicopter crash

more on plants and the food forest in addition to the sharing Paul Massey and Rob Cruz did on episode #17

being a product of your upbringing and a certain environment

growing up in the deep south

fermenting in the garden and kitchen

how microbes are our ancestors

Korean / Hawai'ian natural farming ferments

the importance of cultural and ecological diversity and symbiosis

the lessons of the garden for life – accepting constant change and shifting


Make sure to check out the photo diary of the Kaua'i Food Forest on the project blog page to see what some of the plants look like that Freddie mentions on the audio plant walk.


Freddie Mango Roots on instagram: @f.m.roots

Kaua’i Food Forest facebook page

Kaua’i Food Forest’s website:


View the Kaua’i Food Forest hashtag: #kauaifoodforest



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Theme music: 'Sweat and Splinters' by Mother Marrow

Additional Music: "Pepeiao Cabin' by Lisa Schonberg and Secret Drum Band, of the Hylaeus Project

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Check out the Hylaeus Project here, a creative study of the endangered native Hawai'ian Hylaeus bees 

Produced by: Opia Creative