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The Ground Shots Podcast

Aug 1, 2020

Episode #42 features a conversation between Kelly Moody (podcast host) and Gabe Crawford, previous podcast guest.

In this episode of the podcast, we discuss our observations on the first six segments or first 100 miles or so of our Colorado Trail Plant—a-go walk.

We talk about the nature and spectrum of small to extreme disturbances on the land

We look at how disturbance can be a good thing in some situations and bad in others

We talk about some of our favorite areas and some of the plants and animals we noticed

We talk about our intent to walk slower and observe the land more intimately

We talk about the zen of Beaver, and what we thought about when encountering extreme disturbances on the land by Beavers

we speak to walking within the context of colonialization

we talk about our culture shock in tourist towns

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Theme music: 'Sweat and Splinters' by Mother Marrow

Additional music: ‘We’re Gonna Make It’ by Dunkin Hardee, recorded on the Colorado Trail

Hosted by: Kelly Moody

Produced by: Kelly Moody and Opia Creative

we speak more on re-thinking ‘a war’ on certain plants and how plants respond to the circumstances at hand

we reflect on how putting lines on the land like ‘wilderness boundaries’ can affect ecology

we talk about questioning concepts of ‘pristine wilderness’