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The Ground Shots Podcast

Feb 18, 2021

Episode #54 of the Ground Shots Podcast is a conversation with Sarah Galvin, who hosts and creates with House of Yore, formerly Forest and Fjord. Sarah hosts exploratory ancestral workshops through House of Yore, as well as sells small batch bioregional herbal medicine.


In this conversation with Sarah, we talk about:


  • Sarah’s traveling years starting with leaving home as a teenager to live in Europe

  • Sarah’s experience working on various farms across the country and some pros and cons of WWOOFing (Worldwide Working on Organic Farms)

  • How she ended up in Alaska and some of her ‘dark nights of the soul’ experiences there living alone on a remote island in an off grid cabin, and what she learned about facing demons and her greatest fears

  • The need for chaos medicine in our culture, and how making space for that instead of pushing it away is needed

  • Sarah’s experience growing up with Ayurveda and her training in it, as well as how this framework helps her see the world, especially in regards to honing in on what our individual roles are on earth

  • How Sarah’s Irish ancestry helps her connect to so-called Alaska and pastoralism

  • Some history talk of colonialism in Alaska, and how rapid climate change is occurring there


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Theme music: 'Sweat and Splinters' by Mother Marrow


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Hosted by: Kelly Moody


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