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The Ground Shots Podcast

Feb 11, 2019

Episode Ten of the Ground Shots Podcast. 


Episode ten is part field recording, part interview done while walking with Adam Stolte and his goat herd (plus the pig Ragnar) this past September in Hood River, Oregon. On our evening walk through Douglas Fir groves, Scotch Broom died back and Hazelnut, we discuss a number...

Nov 22, 2018

Episode seven of the Ground Shots Podcast.


A conversation with folk herbalist, teacher, witch and forager Rebecca Beyer of Blood and Spicebush, out of Barnardsville, NC.




We talk about:


a few plants in the southern Appalachia and the folklore around them

different ways to think about how to responsibly teach...

Sep 14, 2018

Episode four of the Ground Shots Podcast.


Interview with Sky Turtle, gardener and artist currently based in Nevada City, California.


Bio from the Plants and Healers International website, an organization that Turtle co-leads trips with, and serves as a board member:

“T.T. Turtlington is a gardener, artist and...

Sep 2, 2018

Episode Three of the Ground Shots Podcast.


Interview with Laurie Quesinberry, 'granny root digger' and founder of Bear Alchemy out of Laurel Fork, Virginia, a small community in southern Appalachia. 

We talk about:


the complexity of traditional Appalachian root digging

the complicated nature of wildcrafting,...

Aug 13, 2018

Episode Two of the Ground Shots Podcast.


Interview with Emily Stock, founder of Sundial Medicinals, an apothecary in Moab, Utah.


We talk about:

growing up in Moab, Utah with a tarot reader and herbalist grandmother

Emily's study of astronomy and astrology and how it influences her medicine making practice