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The Ground Shots Podcast

Jan 22, 2024


Episode # 82 of the Ground Shots Podcast is a conversation with Jason Hone on medicinal herbs of biblical times and the historical ecological transformation of the holy lands.

Jason Hone practices as a holistic provider for patients of all walks of life. He has worked in various disciplines of healthcare since 1996....

Nov 13, 2023

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Samantha Zipporah is a midwife, author & educator in service to healing & liberation. Sam’s path rises from an ancient lineage of midwives, witches, & wise women with expertise spanning the continuum of birth, sex, & death. She is devoted to breaking the spells of oppression in reproductive &...

Oct 30, 2023

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Family loving, community enthusiast Jacquie Hill is a plant person doing planty things on the Western Slope of Colorado. After practicing her blend of story-rich, folk herbal medicine for 10+ years, she took her studies to academia, earning a bachelor’s degree in botanical sciences from Bastyr...

Jul 27, 2023

Episode #76 is a conversation with Calyx Liddick of Northern Appalachia School in southern Pennsylvania. 

(trigger warning, this episode may contain content that could be triggering to some as we address the history of scientific racism and the eugenics movement)

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Calyx Liddick is...

Jan 24, 2023

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Episode 72 of the Ground Shots Podcast is with Lisa Ganora, herbalist and plant chemist, out of Paonia, Colorado.

Lisa and I got together at her Elderberry’s Farm spot, on the edges of Paonia,...