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The Ground Shots Podcast

Dec 15, 2020

This episode of the podcast features the host, Kelly, solo, speaking about her upbringing in the south and her journey towards starting the Ground Shots Project and Podcast.

Find the FULL transcript for this episode on our Patreon page, here.

This episode of the Ground Shots Podcast is a first! It’s me, Kelly, the podcast host, speaking solo about my upbringing in the South and how it plus other experiences I’ve had into adulthood, influenced the creation of the Ground Shots Project as an ecological art project, and the Ground Shots Podcast, a ecological storytelling project featuring guests from all over.

I start off the episode speaking a bit about where I grew up, and some of my basic experiences in the enviroment where I was raised. I grew up in southern Virginia, and I even linked my hometown in the shownotes if you want to get a glimpse.

I go into how my life evolved into adulthood, studying Philosophy formerly, working on organic farms, studying with herbalism teachers, and my general influences. I talk about how I originally started traveling, though there is so much more to the story than what I tell here.

I speak about how my time farming, walking the Camino de Santiago, spending time with my grandmother as a child, and meeting people on the road, influenced the creation of my project.

I answer some questions posed by folks who submitted them on Instagram about my project and relationship with plants, travel, connecting to place.

A note: we now have a phone line where you can call the podcast and leave messages. PLEASE leave us one! If you do, you give us permission to potentially broadcast your messages on air. If you can, please give us verbal permission when you leave a message. I’m excited about this!

I produced this episode entirely on my own this time, with a new program I’m trying out. It’s not perfect, but I’m playing around and seeing how it goes. So, if it sounds different in any way, this is why! Also, I got a new microphone, so my voice is clearer than in the past recording from my computer.

If you have a comment, question or inquiry based on what you hear in this episode, feel free to shoot me an email, comment on the blog post for this episode or call our podcast phone number and leave a message.



Kip Redick on CNU talks:

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Frank Cook’s work:

Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine:

Goldenseal Sanctuary in Ohio where I interned:

My hometown on Wikipedia:,_Virginia

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Theme music: 'Sweat and Splinters' by Mother Marrow

Interstitial Music: “Rainbow Waltz” by Cody Fielder

Hosted by: Kelly Moody

Produced by: Kelly Moody