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The Ground Shots Podcast

Jun 12, 2022

Episode #68 of the podcast is a conversation with Adam Larue of Sharpening Stone Gathering, out of Grants Pass, Oregon.

visit our blog post on the episode to see a few photos of the land where we interviewed:

Adam and I recorded this conversation in a Camas meadow adjacent to his land after I taught wild-tending and critical ethnobotany plant plant walks for a week at the Sharpening Stone Earthskills Gathering, which Adam helps run.

In this episode with Adam, we talk about:

  • How Adam got the land that he lives on and runs the Sharpening Stone Earthskills Gathering

  • Some of the methods and madness of logging in Oregon which happens all around Adam’s private inholding near Umpqua National Forest, the herbicide spraying and GMP tree planting replacing forest diversity

  • the downfalls of profit-centered thinking vs. ecological centered thinking

  • some info about the Sharpening Stone Earthskills Gathering which takes place on the land we do the interview on

  • Re-wilding as a hot topic and trend right now

  • dancing with modern technology while trying to reconnect to land


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Interstitial Music: ‘I’m Moving to the Mountains’ by Adam Larue

Theme Music: ‘Sweat and Splinters’ by Mother Marrow

This episode hosted by: Kelly Moody

Produced by: Kelly Moody

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