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The Ground Shots Podcast

Jul 20, 2023

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(photo of Sylvia taken by Ricardo Nagaoka, used with permission from photographer. )

Episode #76 of the Ground Shots Podcast is a conversation with Sylvia Poareo from Connecting Within, out of Ashland, Oregon.

Sylvia Poareo is a gentle Curandera/Consejera (healer/spiritual counselor) whose work is rooted in guiding and supporting each individual in their own liberation within collective healing. Informed by the Chicano experience and growing up as an orphan in SoCal, her life was an initiation into deep trust in and reliance on Spirit/Creator.

Connecting deeply into the heart, to the cosmos and nature as a pathway to healing, she recognizes the profound wisdom, resilience and fortitude we carry in our bones. She supports ancestral remembrance and remembering parts of ourselves, our innate humanity and cultures of origin as a path to truth, healing and wholeness.

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Guest Music: Tránsito, El Feo, and Medley: Pastures Of Plenty/This Land Is Your Land/Land by Lila Downs

Hosted by: Kelly Moody

Produced by: Kelly Moody