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The Ground Shots Podcast

Jun 18, 2024

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Episode #83 of the Ground Shots Podcast is a conversation with Callie Russell, an interview recorded in the field on a goat walk in New Mexico this past March.

You may know Callie from the Alone show, though I have never watched...

Jan 22, 2024


Episode # 82 of the Ground Shots Podcast is a conversation with Jason Hone on medicinal herbs of biblical times and the historical ecological transformation of the holy lands.

Jason Hone practices as a holistic provider for patients of all walks of life. He has worked in various disciplines of healthcare since 1996....

Jan 3, 2024

Ethan graduated from Humboldt State University with a degree in Wildlife Biology and Conservation. Currently, he works in the advocacy world for habitat protection and restoration on public lands that face various resource extraction industries. He homesteads on a piece of desertified land In southern Arizona and is...